' It swings. It swings. Ehen the wind blows, it swings.
It’s dancing, the black swing…’


u should send me asks telling me what characters i remind you of!!! and explain too because that sounds like fun and i wanna know

Obviously, there are already facts related to the 8th horizon (and the 9th and 10th) going around in previous stories… However, I just prefer to work over other parts and let the horizons come before speaking (too much) about them. Theorizing for them will start for me once each of them is officially announced and we have the first details.

Predictions are fun, yup. I’m the first that thinks that some elements will reappear with a bigger chance than others (or at least hopes it happens)… But creating my own image of an Horizon before we really know anything seems too dangerous to me.

Over everything, it creates expectations that aren’t grounded in anything solid enough.

I can see where others find the fun in it, IT IS FUN. Just not my thing. I will go over those lyrics once we have material enough to work over them. That is my take when it comes to SH theories.

So I kindly walk aside when it comes to this. Sorry. I will join the fun later this year, hopefully.

Also I generally don’t agree with that take in the fake Thanatos part (as I think that is referencing how the events in the CD are hallucinations), but I also think that we lack information to dismiss either take.



Anywho, this was a really interesting discussion!!! Especially since it seems we do agree for the most part, with some minor, picky details about his relationship to Misia aside. As you said, him “chaining” himself to her would be really, really unhealthy. But I also think it would be a possibility - at least for a while when he first reunites with her. From then on, the healing process you mentioned would certainly take the edge off but — hmm, I’m not sure how to put it. They could and probably would have their own lives to attend to on a daily basis, but I imagine Elef would be very reluctant to go anywhere without her, even if it was only for a very short period of time and the had the option to communicate during that absence. I suppose I see it as a heavier, more anxious form of the abandonment issues you mentioned. Assuming they reacquaint themselves and reform the bond that was damaged from their separation, I picture him as being even more worried about leaving her than before. Because, you know, no one wants to go through that twice. 


AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Yeeeeees ;; I would love iiiiit!!!!! Yes, yes!

You know how is my Elef, so I guess that no problem there.

Well, picky details are always bound to appear. No person thinks exactly the same. But yes! It has been a pleasure… Just let me clear that one last bit.

I think that, if that type of nervous attitude appeared (and it isn’t beyond him… push him in certain direction and it appears indeed. That worry for the safety of the people he cares about is an essential part of Normal End, precisely) Misia or Orion or anyone who cared about him would need would need to smack some sense into him. That type of anxiety isn’t healthy either and could develop an ugly dependence.

I understand that in the mess of a mental state he is, it’s really easy for him to fall in those traps… but for the sake of the happiness of both I prefer to think that, even if it takes effort, he would avoid them.

He NEEDS to get over those things you mention. Even if they can and probably will appear at first. In the long run, they would chain him to her. The mind is really delicate, and enabling those attitudes would hurt at the end.

So, as a temporal state? For sure. He needs time to properly recover.

As something that lasts? Not if you want something healthy there.

Also, what I said: he would probably search something relatively close to where Misia is. But if another circunstance makes the idea of going away tempting enough… I don’t see Elef saying no. At least after he feels that Misia is safe and well.

Maybe I should follow some new people…



ehe the sword/shield imagery does leave a lot to discuss, doesn’t it? let’s see if i can gather and arrange my thoughts properly, so we can compare and contrast *u*

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MISIA RP BLOG *shining eyes*

It does indeed. I’m happy to see that more or less we agree, but I feel ready to discuss the details.

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what do you mean???? punch is a truly sign of ~love~

I would like to differ, but I know that you see the world that way. I can accept it… as long as you don’t punch me.

yes he is I wanna punch him a lot

I always marvel at how tsundere you are… but I understand (?)


yup it’s probably to depict his ‘traveller’ traits as well like no one has a perfect skin when they’re travelling the world and yes his lenses are so beautiful ;_;

I think that it’s more for the need to make the lenses easier to notice. It’s a nice color trick for it… But the traveller thingie also fits. And they are, they are ;;/

I was -silently- squealing the whole time because he is so damn cute as Elef it hurts. How you so cute. Stop.

YOU’RE STUCK IN THE BIRDCAGE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! (also I actually typed “birdcake” at first, I swear Thanako’s influence reaches far ;; haha)

THANATOS, LET ME OUUUUT!! (OMG, she would be real prideful if she knew)