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Making it official: I’m not in the mental state or hardly stable enough as things are to be in this website. When will it change? Will I even feel motivated to come back once I feel better? Who knows.

So bye for now. If you want to contact me in another way, you can send a message. Perhaps I will see it and reply accordingly.


Commissions are open! And now you can have a plushie of your favorite character~!

All my plushies/dolls are totally handmade, the size of them is 7 inches/17 centimeters as you can see here.

Prices are in Mexican pesos, and payment method is via paypal.

  • Base price: $80 (Reference: 6.1 American dollars | 4.5 Euros). Super simple design, few to none details.
  • Depending on the complexity and details your character needs, the price will increase in $5 or $10. 
  • Plus shipping. I will be using the postal service, your parcel will be registered, and of course I’ll send you the tracking number.
  • I’ll only send it to you once the total price has been covered. You may send the payment once I tell you I’m working on your plushie.
  • I’ll also show you pictures of the progress.
  • You can request any human character from any fandom.

While requesting, it will be highly appreciated that you select a couple of pictures as references and send them to me. Also if you want a certain detail to be covered, please do tell me. And if your character happens to wear different outfits, specify which one you want.

And I think that’s all, if you have any doubt or want to request one, just drop and ask and I’ll gladly reply to you! Please look my blog for more plushies I’ve made.

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Also, I should be more careful with grammar when I type…

So many edits.

Most cultures would think Spain is really rude in its speech, but for people here it’s normal. After all, it is a sign of rebeldry against the system that totally overcame the old ways. The goverment back then was so oppresive that changing the use of the language to a more casual one was the way they had to go against it. Their way to express discomfort.

SCRAP FORMALITY AND THE OLD WAYS is pretty much the definition of my parents’ generation here. 

i mean when i learned spanish my teacher said she’d be focusing more on a latin american style of spanish but she did make it known that in spain you use vosotros so to just keep it in mind…….

That’s fine and being latin america closer, it’s logical to focus more in their dialect. But ignore it altogether??? It would make impossible to communicate in Spain, at the very least.

Ustedes was the old way also here, but the generation of my… parents? decided that it was too formal and discarded it. Everyone started to just use vosotros, that is far more coloquial. It was a sort of liberation for the young people here.

(Also, if it’s latin american, tell me they taught us about ‘vos’)

Because people conviently forget that Spain uses “vosotros” almost in every occasion. Nope. Not necessary at all.


Your teaching skills are so GOOD. TOTALLY.

don’t worry about vosotros
—every spanish teacher ever (via okaywork)

My levels of stress and general unstability are just as high as before, this is a quick visit uwu

So I declare semi-hiatus officially. I will probably be back around the end of june, time I should be more or less recovered of everything -or so I hop-.